About Encaustic

The word encaustic originates from the Greek word enkaustikos, which means to burn in.  Encaustic painting is also known as hot wax painting.  Coloured pigments are added to heated beeswax and then “painted” on a surface.  A mixture of surfaces can be used and encaustic is known for the amazing array of artistic possibilities inherent in the techniques and applications. 

A plethora of tools, brushes and instruments can be used to apply the wax, remove the wax or manipulate the wax.  Irons, heat guns, torches are only a few of the tools used.  Materials can be encased or collaged into the surface using the wax.  Other mediums can be used with the wax, such as pastels and oil sticks. 

About Photo Encaustic



In photo encaustic, I use photographs and wax together to make a painting.  I will usually glue the photograph on a rigid surface first, and then apply layers of wax, fusing with heat in between the layers.  In addition to coloured wax, I will also use other mediums, such as pastels and oil sticks to color the picture.  Sometimes I will print the picture on a transparent paper and fuse that into the wax as I go.  There are many many ways to play with encaustic and photo encaustic.

I will do custom photo encaustics with my own photographs or your photographs.  Please contact me for information. 

The fabulous teachers I learned the medium from were Linda Robertson (Womack) of Portland, Oregan, and Daniella Woolf of Wax Works West. They are both superb artists and teachers.

There are amazing encaustic artists and teachers available to everyone today, if not close to you, on youtube or online instructions from the ones you like.    Find one near you and have fun exploring the craft yourself.   If you just like to enjoy the fruits of others labours, please support your favorite artists.